About us

My name is Bálint Ács, I was born in the Carpathian Mountains. The products, what we are selling, were collected in the ’50s and ’60s by my parents, and later by me. In this time the countries of Central Europe went through big changes. The ethnic groups of the area had to leave the place where they had lived for centuries, because of the politics and the modernization. This tendency was typical in the Carpathian Mountains and the Hungarian farmsteads.

The people from the mountains and the farmsteads moved to the cities and left behind their houses and hand-made personal articles(cloths, vests, tablecloths, tools etc). To prevent the waste of houdreds of years’ work, intellectuals and museums started to save the invaluable folk-art by buying these objects from those who were about to leave. The significant products got to be exhibited by the museums and the rest ended up in private collections.